Kubuka – The Best of Me : A Study of A (Life Proper) Happy Ending

a beautiful cover, rite?

In the spirit of reviewing book on which language I read, this review would be in English. So bear with my clumsy rotten English in this short and somewhat pretentious rants.

First, I want to apology to my fellow Secret Santa, Truly Rudiono. This review should be release on 31st January but better late than never isn’t it? I won’t come with an excuse, I’m just not in the mood to write a review these passed week. So bear with me in my dull review.


Let’s we begin with the lovely cover. This picturing a rather forsaken terrace bathed mostly in a dark-green light, the color meconium if I must compare. Bit nasty for some people but nevertheless plays an important part of new found life of a baby-born. It also imbued with a touch of red and with in form of a vase, that I can compare with blood shed and vernix caseosa, the earliest form of protection and nurture. And to complete my imagination of a newborn baby in an exquisite depiction of colors, the baby’s khaki skin as the background color for the titling. I know crazy, rite?

The story begin with an introduction of our hero in the romance story, Dawson Cole. A life and death experience on oil rig followed by a death of a certain best friend that lead to what Indonesian would call, CLBK (re-blossoming of an old love), to our heroine Amanda Collier. We will taken into a whirlwind adventure of past and present in the taste of what love is, a bittersweet passion on each other. In my opinion these could be ended with a happily-ever-after couple for once, but you know it’s Nicholas Sparks book. You will think there would be a dead leading character, and sure it emerged at the very end. Maybe the author compensated with a rather feel-good epilogue, but me as a sucker for a happily-ever-after kind of girl couldn’t fathom with this cruel ending.

Well, I read for pleasure of an escapade from the real world. Imagine how it would feel for me to succumbed to the harsh reality of life from my experience in pleasure reading. I have enough to be cried for in real life then to come again tear-jerking after a good read. Maybe this is the reason of my scattered mind in what should be a festive new-year spirit. Maybe this just not my cup of tea, it’s time to settle down and sip a cheesy harlequin tea again to wash this hollow feeling in my heart.

An eye opening reading of a life-changing event, but not a frequent trip I’d like to take. It’s kind like what a baby would feel from a birth event. It’s overwhelming, but once is enough.

review ini adalah bagian dari program Secret Santa BBI 2012 😀

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13 thoughts on “Kubuka – The Best of Me : A Study of A (Life Proper) Happy Ending

  1. hai kak, salam kenal 🙂
    emhh,, buat reviewnya bagus.. yah walaupun aku ngga terlalu ngerti bhs inggris sih 😀
    tapi aku saranin, buat review tentang buku ini lagi dong kak.. tapi dlm bhs indonesia.. biar tambah ngerti ceritanya 😀

  2. ngerti dikit2 review di atas 😀
    kayaknya novel itu bagus. Covernya juga bagus, cantik. 🙂
    Aku juga suka sama cover2 yang kayak gitu 😀

    Blog kakk bagus, simple bagi aku. 😀

    Terima kasih, kak. Sukses selalu yah ;))

  3. Wah, reviewnya keren. Walau masih perlu bantuan Google Translate buat ngartiin. Hehehe
    Kalau bisa sih walau gak ada Terjemahannya mungkin kakak bisa bikin dulu review Bahasa Indonesianya, kan keren tuh buku Bahasa Inggris direview dalam Bahasa Inggris dan Bahasa Indonesia.
    Atau kakak juga bisa jadi penerjemah novelnya. Hehehe

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